About Me

Howdy! My name is Shawna. I am a wife and mother first and foremost. My faith defines me and sustains me. My husband is a rockstar (not like an ACTUAL rockstar...he's just dang awesome). My children are my daily inspiration and I cherish the opportunity to document our experiences together as a family. When I'm not chasing my tots around or working with a client, I enjoy relaxing near any body of water, crafting, playing board games and hosting "murder mystery" dinner parties (yes, I'm slightly quirky but adorable).

While my husband is a green chile-loving New Mexican, and I a proud native Texan (and VERY proud HORNED FROG!!), we have had the opportunity to make both the desert SOUTHWEST and pacific NORTHWEST our home over the years. Our family recently moved from Poulsbo, WA to Tucson, AZ (quite I change...I know). And, while I am LOVING the sunshine and landscape of our new home in Southern Arizona, I am thankful to continue my wedding photography business in both Arizona AND Washington (in addition to New Mexico and the greater west coast). 

 I have a deep respect for our community and enjoy both commemorating lives from behind my camera as well as helping couples and families create beautiful portraiture designs in their home. Having the opportunity to capture a fleeting moment in time....to help bring out a person's beauty and personality...to document two individuals becoming a family...these are each amazing experiences I want to share in with you!

Why "Golden Girl?"....it's my maiden name. I know. It's pretty awesome! ;)

13 Random + Vital Things You Must Know About Me

(Note: Actually, none of these are vital nor do they pertain to photography. However, they are definitely random).

  1. I love Pugs. Pugs have been a part of my life since I was in middle school. Our pug thinks she’s the size of a mastiff, makes horrible snorting noises, sounds like she’s going into convulsions when she’s excited, snores like a sailor and is practically perfect in every way.
  2. I am slightly more than obsessed with glitter. And ribbon. And paper. My very understanding husband spends October through December constantly attempting to remove specks of glitter from his face and clothing (he also refers to glitter “as the herpes of the craft world”). I’ve been known to spend HOURS at Paper Source salivating over the latest version of glitter wrapping paper and twine. And don’t even attempt to be around me when I enter a Hobby Lobby!
  3. I am a forever Disney Parks enthusiast. In fact, my husband and I are that couple you see literally running through Disneyland…with fastpasses, buttons and pins in tow….without any children. That’s right. We are parents…and we still choose to go to Disneyland on our own. Just let that one sink in for bit.
  4. I can say the Greek alphabet in 5 seconds. It’s my one and only party trick.
  5. I'm a professional cake connoisseur. Okay. That's not really a job, or even a thing. But my desire for all things cake definitely played into my desires for becoming a wedding photographer.
  6. I am a “Generation Y'er” – therefore, everything I know about life experiences I learned through watching 80s and early 90s TV shows and commercials.
  7. In addition to TV…..most great cinema was brought to us in the 1980s. Sixteen Candles? Mannequin? Teen Witch? Cinematic gold!
  8. I spent much of my adolescence having crushes on Uncle Joey (Full House) and Joe (Wings). Hallelujah for Netflix!
  9. I am a HUGE fan of the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll…Stevie Nicks! In high school I could be found most evenings twirling around the TV or stereo in black chiffon huskily singing to Rhiannon and Edge of Seventeen. (Thank you, VH1’s Behind the Music).
  10. I am known for my Murder Mystery Parties. It’s kind of a big deal. My husband and I have been hosting semi-annual murder mysteries for several years now. They are a total blast! Want to role play against murderous pirates? Solve a Dallas-themed oilman murder set in the 80s? Superhero v. Villain murderous adventure? Then I’m your gal!
  11. I’m a collector of board games. Many a Saturday night at my house has been spent playing Pandemic, Empire Builder or Settlers of Catan.
  12. My favorite movie of all time? Weekend at Bernie’s (see #6). Cinematic perfection people!
  13. I completely adore my husband and tots. They are silly, quirky and utterly my own. They are the cream filling to my oreos.
My tribe

My tribe

About the Business

Selecting and entrusting a photographer to capture YOUR memories is a big deal. As with any investment you want to feel confident in the professional you are hiring. As a small business owner it is important to me as well. I am a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and am a licensed and insured business owner in the State of Washington. I am based out of beautiful Poulsbo WA, and much of my clientele is from the greater Seattle-Tacoma and Eastside areas.   



Yoda the Pug

Yoda the Pug