CKHS Senior | Silverdale WA | Ryah

To say that Ryah is an over-achiever...would be an understatement. While finishing up her senior year at Central Kitsap High School, she has been participating in Running Start for the past two years. This rockstar is already working on her pre-requisites and will transition into a nursing program where she will be able to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and eventually her Masters in Nursing. This lady is AH-may-zing. She epitomizes the meaning of "motivated." Annnnd, in her spare time Ryah is involved with the CKHS golf team (along w/ lovin' on her cats and binge-watching Netflix shows ;). 

At her core, Ryah is a total PNW lover. One of her main goals with her senior photos was to ensure the landscape of her home was featured center stage in her portraits. My kind of gal. For us that meant showcasing the mountains, water and rugged terrain of the Olympics. When I asked her if she was sure she wanted to get into the water, Ryah was all for it! This fearless beauty was even up for doing some wicked wet hair in-motion shots! I love the art that results when you can help your subject feel safe, confident allowing their personality to come alive -- to be amplified -- through the camera lens. Ryah possesses a calmness and poise beyond her years. Her luminous smile is matched only by the luster of her beloved PNW landscape.

Tidbits from Ryah:

  • Do a test run of your hair/makeup before the day of the shoot. If you plan on having a professional do your hair and makeup, make sure to bring a picture of how you want it to look. On the other hand, if you know you're good at doing your own hair and makeup, then save a few bucks and do it yourself (you may not necessarily have the same style). 
  • My biggest fear about the photo shoot was that it would be awkward to be the center of attention for two hours. It ended up being really fun and not awkward at all. 
  • My favorite aspects of my photo shoot location was having the water and mountains in many of my pictures. I love that people will be able to look at my photos and see how beautiful the PNW is.

Check out Ryah's full senior portrait slideshow below!