Today...I write my first blog entry. While I might never earn a Pulitzer, my hope is to at least share some of my passions and artwork with my clients, future clients, fellow photographers, friends and just passer-bys.  This will include blogging about my FABULOUS clients and sharing in their own stories and their own celebrations. With a few of my own musings sprinkled in for flare.

I find it fitting to write my  first entry on the day of my own wedding anniversary. I can still remember the emotions of being a bride...preparing for my wedding day and preparing to become someone's wife. I look at my own wedding album and am thankful we had a photographer who could capture the moments and details that flashed by me (I actually have a CRAZY photography story from my own wedding...but that's for a different day!) . It felt like so much planning and expectation that went by like a strong wind. I wanted to stop time so that I could savor every moment a little bit longer. The photographs I have from my wedding allow me to do just that, almost a decade later. 

As a wedding photographer, I consider myself part documentarian, part MacGyver, part counselor, part magician, part expert-on-all-things-involving-the-movie-"Steel Magnolias," part artist. (In fact, all you really need to know about wedding planning can be learned from watching Steel Magnolias). NOTE TO SELF: future blog topic!). I love to take in the stories of my clients. Truly LISTEN to them when they tell me about their families, how they met each other and what they are looking forward to in their marriage together. All of this plays a role in the moments I can capture for brides, grooms and families. YOUR story is what defines YOUR photographic artwork. Because above all, I believe I am here to capture those candid, fleeting moments frozen in time. Those images -- those stories -- are my artwork for my clients. And I want to celebrate those stories and those moments right here. I hope you'll join me!