Sweet Dreams

So I don't consider myself to be much of a user of the apps on my phone. I mean I'm glad there are there...it's handy to have a calculator and be able to check the weather and pay for my coffee with my phone, but much of it just seems to go unused b/c well, I have no idea how it will make my life better (Keynote? Pages? Find Friends?). So I'm fairly choose-y on the apps I use and download...but I'm a sucker for anything that involves reminiscing. I just feel I forget so much! I keep a daily journal for my children b/c I know so much will escape me. Any my photos are my memory books. I can look at a single photograph and know exactly where it was taken, what we were doing and who was there. They are like my lockbox. And so an app has entered my world to help -- Timehop. The app states it is a "time capsule of you." Perfect.  So low and behold each day on my phone I am greeted with random treasures from the past six or so years...a visit to the Port Angeles Crab Fest, a family trip to Texas, and a sleeping boy from 2014. 

Kitsap newborn family photographer photo

I remember sneaking into my son's room with my camera hoping to capture a quick snapshot of him asleep in his crib. The lighting was of course horrible and non-existent. Bedroom lighting at night being the ire of every parent trying to get a sweet sleepy shot of their cub (because we want the oh-so-adorable sleepy angel rather than the simultaneously whining-screaming-running-after-my-sister-while-covered-in-mashed-bananas maniac). I sneakily turned on a lamp in the room and cranked up the ISO on my big girl camera. In turn, my camera recorded a memory my over-filled mind could latch onto. A moment frozen of my baby son completely content in his surroundings and peacefully lost in his own dreams. 

One year later I still find myself constantly sneaking into his room and curling up on his "big boy" bed. In an attempt to schmooze me into allowing him to stay up later, he normally invites me to stay in his bed after reading stories. "Mommy, come sleep with me" he whispers in-between sucking his thumb and reaching for his vacuum (which also sleeps in this congested bed). And often this schmoozing works. I know there will come a day when he no longer invites me to stay with him. I imagine his trains, pooh bear and vacuum with be replaced with piles of    gadgets, homework and laundry. It's all part of the journey.

So I'll soak in these fleeting memories, the good with the bad, and hold on to each one while trying to make room for the new moments. Thank you Timehop for my daily gift and reminding me of my own memories. :)